America’s Favorite Pastime With A.P. Harreld

A.P. Harreld is a dynamic sports broadcaster. The voice of the Ogden Raptors, a farm team for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I caught up with the College of William and Mary alumnus who is an astute scholar of all things sports related. Practically a well dressed version of JSTOR. A.P.’s talents just don’t extend to sports as he is also a comic and writer. Check out the interview below.



How did you get into broadcasting?

I started broadcasting as a freshman in 1993 at William & Mary in Williamsburg, VA.

What did you do to get your start in the business?

My mom had encouraged me to get involved in campus radio. I was a little shy and a little hesitant. I’m thankful I took my mom’s advice. I went down to the campus station and got involved with the sports department.

Who are the baseball prospects to look out for in 2017?

On a major league level it’s a little to early for me. I’m entering my second year broadcasting the Ogden Raptors, which is the Dodgers rookie league club. The younger guys moving in from the low to mid minors, Keibert Ruiz he is 18 years old and a switch hitting Venezuelan catcher. The Dodgers people tell me he can already receive, catch the baseball at a major league level. He can really hit and as he gets arm strength watch for him. DJ Peters is a fantastic talent. Keep an eye on Cody Thomas who is a former two sport star at Oklahoma, he was the quarterback for the Sooners. Mitchell Hansen is a fantastic outfielder. Errol Robinson is a sleeper, he is a shortstop out of Ole Miss and I understand he has been tearing it up in the spring games out in Arizona.

Do you have any tips for fantasy baseball league?

I played one year of fantasy baseball. 95 or 96 the year John Smoltz won the National League Cy Young. I won it and I was lucky to win it because I had Smoltz. In fantasy just like in real life, don’t overpay for talent. Just because someone did something in the past doesn’t mean they will do it in the future. You need to buy on projected future performance, not on past performance.

Curt Schilling lost his job in April because he posted a transgender meme on social media, do you feel added pressure to be politically correct nowadays?

It’s interesting. As a philosophical libertarian I believe no one is owed a job and that you should be able to fire someone for whatever reason you want. At the same time I think we live in an overly sensitive society where people need to lighten up. That’s certainly a hot button issue these days. My philosophy has always been you treat people regardless of who they are with respect. At the same time my comedy always starts with making fun of myself first. I think if you utilize self-deprecating humor you can get away with other types of comedy. I think Schilling was crossing the line. He wasn’t so much funny as he was angry and they made a business decision and no one including Curt Schilling is owed any type of job.

I understand in addition to your broadcasting career you’re also an author?

Well I’m gonna be an author. That’s one of the motivations to get these Ebooks published. I’m a writer now. I’ll be an author when they are published. The series is called The Stage and the first book in the series is Cuatro De Mayo and I’ll have the first three books in the series published late April, early May. They will be available online. They are set at a fictitious William & Mary. I’m calling the school Franklin & Victoria because if you fictionalize something you can take some more liberties with it. It’s a first person narrative. The protagonist has a buddy and a love interest. It’s time travel, libertarian philosophy, sports, and sarcasm. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s been a tremendous process. The thing you learn when you write a book is that it’s not just you. I’ve got a couple editors, my business manager involved, a publishing consultant, a lady designing the cover. This is just for publishing Ebooks so you can imagine the process for people who publish with Random-House. It’s been a great experience and we look forward to getting it out in the marketplace.

Check out more of A.P. Harreld at his website:















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