Philthy Rich and the American Dream


Philthy Rich is a Bay Area legend. He is a master of brand development. Taking his FOD imprint from the streets of Seminary to mainstream America, he has a business model that rivals corporate America. He is an anomaly, a quick-witted and discerning individual whom has the intelligence of a CEO for a company in Tiburon. His brand is successful because instead of attempting to appeal to the current standards in mainstream radio he maintains authenticity. He has built a fanbase all over the country that buys his merchandise like his popular FOD ski masks.

While Philthy has experienced financial success it hasn’t slowed his work ethic. With a relentless pace at creating music, Philthy Rich genuinely still maintains a passion for music. Philthy also has a dedication to his fans as on tour he regularly showed up at his in store appearances while the opening artists on the tour skipped it. At the in store appearance you can see the effect that his music had on fans as some had tattoos honoring his work. Philthy Rich was gracious as he interacted with each of his fans offering autographs and pictures. Philthy Rich is the walking embodiment of the American Dream. That people can be born in the poorest areas of society and reach the highest levels of success.

Not that the task was easy for Philthy as he had to deal with the negative mindsets of people from his neighborhood and the jealousy that comes with success in an impoverished neighborhood. Also the fact that he faced many of the difficulties that up and coming artists face as they pursue a music career, getting deleted off of songs that could break him as an artist. Undeterred by these setbacks and trying to shake the chains of an illegal lifestyle. Music was literally a saving grace for Philthy. He has a successful music career without the backing of a major label. He is literally what many entrepreneurs hope for, a self-made success story. So when I asked Philthy Rich what his plans for the future are and he says “he wants to take over the world.” You have to believe him.

Check out Philthy Rich’s website:








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