Interview with NAACP Best Supporting Actor Danny De Lloyd


Danny De Lloyd is a gifted stage/film actor following in the tradition of other greats such as Louis Gossett Jr. It was only fitting that Louis Gossett Jr. would present him with the prestigious NAACP Best Supporting Actor Award late last year. An immense talent who has great humility and is constantly putting in the work. Check out the interview below:


How did you get your start in the theatre? Whom are some of your influences and people that inspire you? What made you decide on a life in the theatre?

I started acting in church doing various holiday skits and quickly realized it was a CALLING, so I simply stepped out on faith. I saw an ad in the paper of a theatre holding auditions, I auditioned for a supporting role and ended up getting A callback and was offered the lead role. Some of my influences are Lou Gossett Jr., Morgan Freeman, Glynn Thurman, Mel Gibson and Samuel L Jackson. I decided on a life in theatre because theirs nothing like the feeling you get from “LIVE THEATER” for an actor. It’s where you hone your skills, and it keeps you on your feet and makes you rely on TRUST toward self and others. The audience feedback and energy absorbs this inner being which then protrudes confidence once that first line is given and that is addicting.

I noticed that you’ve acted in August Wilson’s Fences are there any other August Wilson plays you would like to act in and which one/ones? Whom are some of your favorite playwrights? What is a production you would like to be cast in?

I would like do Jitney, and Two Trains Running. Some of my favorite playwrights are Don B. Welch, James Graham Bronson, Lorraine Hansberry and Judi Ann Mason. I would like to be cast in Smokey Joe’s Cafe, Othello, Hamilton, and Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park.

How do you approach a role? Do you consider yourself a Meisner or Method Actor?

I start off by reading the entire script as a novel….Then I read it again to hear the voice of the character I am playing…My research begins immediately following my 2nd read….Then I begin to break down the script by creating the back story approach “Where” “Why” and “When”……My work continues until I have captured the nuances, and the soul of the character which I use both the Meisner and Method approach to fully transform into the role.

You recently won an NAACP Theatre Award for Best Supporting Male can you tell me a little about that experience?

It meant the world to me, it taught me that at the end of the day it’s about “The Work” no matter if it’s one scene, one line, no lines that you never know who will be effected by your work and that is what every actor strive for.. it was a fairy tale evening, to be able to receive my award in front of my peers and to top it off one of my heroes that I have admired and watched his work and studied. Mr. Lou Gossett Jr presented me my award which in turn was emotional but yet fulfilling. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to speak with him for awhile in a private setting something that I will never forget

Who are some people you would like to work with in the future that you haven’t? What would be your advice to aspiring actors?

It would be amazing to work with one of the actors that I mentioned previously, my advice I always give is…”Keep both hands to the plow, trust in God, and believe in yourself!! Ive Been running for JESUS along Long time..And I’m not tired yet!!!”

What is something people would be surprised to know about Danny De Lloyd?

I’m actually very shy, and A homebody.

What do you enjoy most about acting?

Creating and capturing the essence of characters that come natural and some that are difficult. I love a challenge, so to be able to dissect a script and bring each character to life that the writer has created is addicting to unfold. Meanwhile, my love for fashion helps to ignite the discoveries of a character through the wardrobe.

What do you wish you knew before you started acting?

I wish I would have discovered my acting abilities early on because once I realized “My Gift” I immediately fell in love with the craft of acting.

Whats next for Danny De Lloyd?

Starting off the New Year with two short films, a feature film, series regular on a sitcom then back to the big stage at the Wilshire Ebell in February and April.


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