20 Questions I would ask Neil Diamond


After seeing music legend Neil Diamond perform in Salt Lake City last night on his 50th Anniversary Tour I came up with 20 questions that I would ask him if I could interview him. For now these questions may remain a mystery but I can always hope!!

What was it like growing up in Brooklyn? How often do you go back?

At 76 years old your still move around better than people half your age. What is your work out regime and how long do you plan to continue touring?

Did you have any idea when you were starting out as a songwriter that you would be this successful and what kept you going in those lean years?

Do you plan on working with Rick Rubin again in the future?

What is your most embarrassing on stage moment?

Your band is so cohesive, whats the best way to put together a band?

Who are some artists that you would like to work with that you haven’t?

What are your plans after you finish your 50th Anniversary Tour?

Are their any stops on the tour that are particularly memorable to you?

Do you have any regrets?

What would be your advice to aspiring artists?

What is your favorite song in your catalogue?

I interviewed Harry Wayne Casey, KC of the Sunshine Band and he told me that fame is lonely, do you feel the same way?

What is your secret to longevity in the music industry?

How to approach songwriting and how conscious are you of making songs for mainstream radio?

Do you consider yourself a romantic?

Love is a common theme in your music, do you believe in soulmates?

How do you balance work and family life?

What’s something people don’t know about Neil Diamond?


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