Tommy Davidson Wants to Take Your Family on Vacation


Tommy Davidson is a legendary comedian from the DC area. He recently started a trending topic in the twittersphere when he hinted at a possibility of a reboot of Living Color, the show that started the careers of himself, Damon Wayans, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carey, Jamie Foxx and David Alan Grier. Tommy Davidson is always working in Hollywood on several projects and his latest gig is as the host of a wonderful show on the CW called Vacation Creation. Check out the interview below:

Being abandoned by your birth mother and adopted by white parents, how do you think that has effected your views on race in this country?

One thing is for sure everybody’s the same. That’s what I got out of the whole thing. Ain’t nobody different. It sounds simple but it’s just the color of your skin. Your dealing with different cultures but push come to shove people want the same thing, a roof over their head, a nice life for their kids, something healthy to eat, and some water.

When did you know a career in comedy was a possibility?

I was about nineteen and a friend of mine was like try it at a club and I hadn’t tried none of it and he thought I was the funniest since I was eight years old. I went in and didn’t know what to say and he said open your mouth so I went it and the first thing I said people laughed and haven’t stopped since.

Youʼve spoken on Twitter about a possible Living Color reboot, is it going to happen?

It’s gonna happen one day, i just don’t know when. I wish it would happen yesterday. If I was in charge of it, it would be in the movie theaters now, wouldn’t that be the bomb.

How cognizant are you of being politically correct in todays social media age when performing comedy?

You got to be careful with everything you say and do but I never was a really heavy political comic. I would joke about Donald Trump getting shot some people think it’s funny and some people don’t.

You do some great celebrity impersonations like Sammy Davis Jr. for instance do you ever worry about offending the families of people you impersonate?

It happens but for the most part I don’t put people down.

You host a new show called Vacation Creation what is that about?

It’s about taking deserving families around the world, its a really good show. Its on the CW channel, its great.

What has been the biggest obstacle you have faced and how did you overcome it?

When you depend on other people to get stuff done its kind of hard. You have to utilize all the tools around you.

What would be your advice to aspiring comedians?

Never take no for an answer and be on the stage seven nights a week.

Whats next for Tommy Davidson?

Movies, I’m writing a book, and more Vacation Creation.


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