Chatting with Governor Gary Herbert


Governor Gary Herbert is the 17th Governor of the great state of Utah. I recently got a chance to speak with him on KSL and asked him what is a concern for most of the people living in Utah, which is the air quality and pollution issue. Check out his response below:

How big of a priority is air quality and pollution for you in 2017?

Well, it’s a big priority. In fact it’s not only a big priority in 2017, it’s been a big priority for the last number of years. And we see the effort that’s been made, and putting 22-23 new regulations in place for industry and commercial businesses. The effort we’ve done has resulted in that we have less pollution per capita here in the Salt Lake, Wasatch front, metropolitan area than any place in America today. We have to battle with inversions, its like putting a lid on the pot. As we percolate emissions it gets trapped, so we can have some real gunky days, but the science tells over the last decade we’ve reduced pollutants here on the Wasatch front by 35%; 30% overall in the state, but 35% in the Wasatch front and that’s in the face in increasing dramatic growth of population. So, increased people, increasing population. The majority pollution that comes into our valley here are coming out of automobiles and we’ve been working with refineries to accelerate and bring in tier three fuels with the compliment of tier three automobiles coming in 2017and that combination will help us reduce pollution out of tailpipes by 80%. That’s like taking 4 out of every 5 cars off the road. The industry has done their part, spending hundreds of millions dollars and best available technology. It really is the responsibility of all of us working together. I like are trend lines, we will meet all the federal requirements by the end of 2019 as we are supposed to. It’s been a priority for 2017 but a priority for the last number of years, and we see positive results.


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