Leah Remini Pushes Religious Bigotry For Mainstream Press

Leah Remini has demonstrated over the years that she is a person who lacks class. Whether she is directing hate-filled obscenities at people, committing adultery like she did initially with her husband Angelo Pagan or making up false claims about Scientology so she can get media attention for her failed acting career.

Leah Remini has a long history of erratic behavior and because of her own personal vendetta against Scientology has been able to convince bigoted reporters from Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter to publish false stories about Scientology. Leah admitted in a past interview with The Hollywood Reporter that she doesn’t vet stories for her documentary series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Pretty irresponsible behavior considering this show has attracted obvious “clout chasers” and the mentally ill as guests.

She Has A History Of Filing False Police Reports

Leah Remini conspired with a police officer named Detective Kevin Becker #25941 to file a false missing person report on Shelly Miscavige which the LAPD found ‘unfounded’ in 2013. Ten years have passed and Leah is still echoing the same dishonest remarks on Twitter. The LAPD even issued a statement as recently as 2022 saying “there was no missing person”.

She Has A History Of Attacking People She Doesn’t Know

Leah has built a social media following attacking other Scientologists but most of the time she is talking about people she doesn’t even know. In a past interview with the talented recording artist Joy Villa she told me “I don’t know who she is. I don’t know her. I’ve heard of her. It’s someone who doesn’t know you but just wants to attack you. All I know is she used to be a Scientologist, she was a nobody before that. The church helped her big time”. Check out my past interview with Joy Villa where she discusses Leah’s attacks on her around the 18:55 mark: https://youtu.be/HpzlHrIZLhM

Leah Remini’s Lies Have Real World Consequences For Scientologist and Fuels Bigotry

I think its pretty damning when Leah’s own father has called her a ‘liar’. Leah has also inspired hate attacks on Scientology such as Erin Michelle McMurty who crashed her car into the Church of Scientology building near the University of Texas at Austin and told police that she believes the church is “evil,” she also cited Leah Remini as a “true inspiration.” Than Brandon Reisdorf, who we got to know from his appearance on the first season of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath threw a hammer threw a Scientology Church window.


Consider if someone was promoting this type of hate towards a Jewish Temple, would you tolerate it? They would likely be deemed a white supremacist or a Nazi. Then why is it okay for Leah Remini to promote bigotry and hatred fueled by lies towards the Church of Scientology? Leah’s behavior is reprehensible and fueled by maintaining relevance in her career and being featured on dishonest publications such as The Hollywood Reporter.

Click the link to this video and see how unhinged Leah Remini really is:

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